Norwegian Cabbage Rolls

Norwegian-Cabbage-Rolls /

 Cabbage. Rolls. Are. Wonderful. I adore these little green parcels of spring time goodness, especially when the young spring cabbage begins to arrive in the local stores. Spring cabbage in Norway is vividly green, dome-shapped and hearty, a much welcomed change from the ...

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homemade creme fraiche /

Homemade Creme Fraiche

You’ve probably been seeing lots of recipes popping up lately which use creme fraiche instead of sour cream or even yogurt, right? Well, if you aren’t familiar with creme fraiche yet, you are going to love it, even more so because it can quite easily be made at home. Creme fraiche is like sour cream,…

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easy paleo brownies /

Paleo Gluten Free Brownies

These Paleo brownies are so moist, so springy and so UN-apologically supreme – no one will ever notice they are gluten free! They are also dairy and refined sugar free too which means you can feel good about eating them as a treat from time to time. We aren’t gluten allergic in our house, but…

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Norwegian American Weekly |

Save the Norwegian American Weekly

Once upon a time, there were hundreds of Norwegian newspapers in America. These newspapers played a crucial role in the lives of early immigrants. They both connected immigrants to their home country and bonded them together into an American community. According to Odd Lovoll, author of Norwegian Newspapers in America, “There was an intimate relationship between the…

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Norwegian Easter Orange Cake

Less than a week until Easter  in Norway means a lot of cake eating (and recipe testing) has been going on around here! Easter is such a wonderful time for celebrating renewal and fresh starts in Norway, and enjoying all things orange flavored. I found this lovely cake recipe on the LA Times website (read…

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Roast Potatoes with Lemon and Chives

In 2001, when I was 21 and a junior in college (that’s University for those of you in Europe), I traveled to England for the first time to participate in a study abroad program. Besides Cornish Pasties, warm ale and jerk chicken, the thing I fell in love with the most during those months was…

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Easter-In-Norway //

Easter Food Traditions in Norway

The days are getting longer, the sun shining brighter and the flowers have started sprouting, all evidence that spring has arrived in Stavanger. With Easter and all the skiing you can muscle just around the corner, it’s easy to forget about some of the Easter food traditions in Norway. Below is my list of six…

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Maple_Glazed_Carrots_Recipe //

Maple Glazed Carrots

Spring is slowly but surely coming to Stavanger which means the days are officially getting longer (yippie!), but also means Easter holidays are on the way. Easter in Norway is a cheerful time, a break after the long, cold and dark winter, but also a time for reunification with family members. Easter in Norway also…

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Slow-cooker-Norwegian-lamb-chops-recipe //

Slow Cooker Lamb Chops

Lamb. Norwegian Lamb. Norwegian Lamb in the slow cooker. Is it Easter yet? Not quite but darn it if this lamb dish isn’t the bees knees! It is so simple, easy and delicious you might want to make it tomorrow for “practice” before Easter arrives. No joke – I could eat this every week I…

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Kvikk Lunsj Cupcakes

Easter in Norway means skiing, mandarins (or oranges) and of course, eating loads of Kvikk Lunsj candy bars. Kvikk Lunsj if you remember are the Norwegian version of Kit Kat candy bars and are eaten en masse around Easter time. Kvikk Lunsj was created in 1937 and has been in production every year since, excluding…

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80 Tips on Living and Working Abroad

[Video] 80+ Tips For Living and Working Abroad

Last week marked the 10-year anniversary of the day I left Arizona to move to Europe. Can you believe it’s been 10 years since I left the U.S.? No, well I can’t either. Wow – how the time has passed and life has flown by. Ten years ago, Norway wasn’t on my radar at all….

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